Baby Bathing Tips

Your baby might be fussy and sometimes cries during bath time although she was enjoying it all the while. As baby grows, they start to develop fears – this is normal. Sometimes teething contributes to the fussiness. If your baby happens to hate bathing, you can try some of the baby bathing tips.


Bathing can be very fun for both you and your baby. Sing to her. Let her enjoy some toys – gold old rubber ducky. And if she is enjoying it, let her spend a little bit more time in the water.

Be gentle

When putting your baby in the water, a sudden change of temperature might make her uncomfortable. Gently put your baby in the water starting with the tips of her legs and gradually all the way. If your baby is able to sit, gently pour some water on the dry areas before you start bathing her.

Make it comfortable

Some babies might like it a bit warmer whereas some likes it a bit cool. Depending on the weather of the day – a hot sunny day or a cold rainy day, you can try to adjust the temperature of the water accordingly. Be mindful of cold air, babies do get uncomfortable just as we adults do.